Suffering From Neck Pain in Dallas TX?

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Neck pain can occur anywhere in your neck, from the bottom of your head to the top of your shoulders. It can spread to your upper back or arms. It may limit how much you can move your head and neck.

Most people, especially women and those over 50 years of age, will experience neck pain at some point in their lives. Our Dallas TX chiropractors can help you get rid of that "pain in the neck".

What Causes Neck Pain In Dallas TX?

Some common causes of neck pain are:

  • Physical Activity – slouching, painting a ceiling, or sleeping with your neck flexed.
  • Injury – from a fall or auto accident such as whiplash or a stinger or burner from contact playing sports.
  • Stress – physical, emotional or chemical stress can affect the frequency and severity of neck pain.
  • Medical Problems – an infection in the neck, narrowing of the spinal canal in the neck, or rheumatoid arthritis.

Symptoms of neck pain include:

  • Headaches – caused by tightened muscles and/or misaligned vertabrae in neck and back.
  • Knots – muscles may knot up in the neck.
  • Stiffness – in the neck area, shoulder, or upper back.
  • Pain between shoulder blades – that may extend out along the arms or up into the head.
  • Tense muscles – in the neck that are sore to the touch.
  • Numbness – a prickling or tingling sensation may occur in the arms and fingers.
  • Shooting pain – from your neck down your arm(s).

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